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Mechanical Restoration Services

Quality Of Work

Mechanical Restoration Services is concerned with quality and detail. How a car runs is just as important as how it looks. Details can make the difference between a show winner and a nice restoration.

The level of quality and detail of restoration is carefully fitted to the needs of each individual customer. Not every customer wants an expensive show winning restoration. Each project is thoroughly discussed to make sure your expectations as to results and cost are understood. A fully detailed show quality restoration is much more expensive than a "nice" restoration. The nicer the "nice", the higher the price. A "nice" restoration is just what many people who enjoy driving their cars want. These are the types of cars that are beautiful, highly dependable and very competitive at local car shows. Top show quality restoration work is available for those who prefer it.

All restoration work must be carefully considered with respect to cost. An honest approach going into a project can make a big difference in customer satisfaction at the end.

1931 Cadillac V12 Roadster 1931 Cadillac V12 Engine Work
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